CID Formation

Five Facts About CIDs

They advance projects that improve access, mobility, economic vitality, beautification, and modernization.

They are funded through self-imposed ad valorem real estate taxes on commercial properties. It is not a sales tax nor a residential tax. There is a limit on how much tax can be collected. In DeKalb County the maximum allowable rate is 5 mills which is $5 per $1,000 of Assessed property value. The calculation is based on the Assessed Value of the eligible commercial real property and not the Appraised Value.

By bringing money to the table, CIDs attract other sources to pay for the majority of projects' costs.

Local property owners are elected to the board of directors and oversee how funds are spent. CIDs are separate from cities, county, and state governments but work together with these governments to pay for and advance area improvements.

Whatever amount is collected locally, those funds go towards programs and projects that benefit the district.

Chamblee Doraville CID Formation

Commercial property owners in Chamblee and Doraville began officially meeting on March 6th, 2018 with the intent to form a Community Improvement District (CID). The commercial property owners seeking to form the CID want to provide leadership and support that can help ensure long term positive outcomes for the benefit of all area owners, businesses and residents.

The commercial districts located on Peachtree Boulevard, Buford Highway, Downtown Chamblee and Doraville are anchored by two MARTA rail stations, Peachtree-DeKalb Airport and a good roadway system. The CID will focus investments in transportation projects that improve mobility, access and safety to patrons and area residents.

CIDs are a well-established model in metro Atlanta to design and fund improvements to sidewalks, traffic intersections, signage and landscaping. A CID is a self-taxing district which will be comprised of commercial property owners located in the cities of Chamblee and Doraville. The CID will undertake planning, and actions that will positively improve the community.

CIDs enhance property values and allow commercial owners to determine how funds are spent in the district. The CID leverages its resources to attract available public funding to enhance the district.

By supporting and joining the Chamblee and Doraville CID owners will:
  • Ensure the long-term success of the Chamblee and Doraville commercial districts
  • Implement transportation and beautification projects
  • Determine which projects that will drive economic benefits
  • Network with businesses, property owners and community leaders
  • Take advantage of coordinated public relations and tie into branding for the area
The Chamblee and Doraville CID projects that will be undertaken include:
  • Sidewalk and safety improvements along Peachtree Blvd and Buford Highway Multi-Use Trails
  • Gateway beautification projects
  • Intersection improvements
  • Advance Chamblee and Doraville Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Plans
  • Engage MARTA and influence the DeKalb Transit Plan in 2018
  • Undertake planning with Georgia DOT regarding Interstate 285 projects
Commercial owners and representatives financially supporting the CID include:
  • Jimmy Ellis, Ellis Automotive
  • Larry Callahan, Pattillo Industrial Real Estate
  • Vince Riggio, Trinity Development
  • Matt Oppenheimer, Halpern Enterprises
  • Valerie Voyles, Ed Voyles Automotive
  • Allan Gutierrez, Urbana Realty
  • Bob Voyles, Seven Oaks
  • Gary Matthews, Parkside Partners
  • Andy Kroll, Packard Capital, LLC
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